RTNakano Lab


Root Microbiota Communications

We are interested in how plants communicate with the associated microbial community, the plant microbiota.

We employ plant and microbial genetics, multi-omics, and cell biology to address the molecular mechanisms by which root microbiota influence root growth-defence coordination.


  • Prof. Dr. Takeshi Obayashi visited us!
    東北大学の大林武先生が共同研究で滞在中のチューリッヒからMPIPZを訪れてくださいました! Special seminarでは共発現解析の未来について、またsingle-cell RNAseqデータとどう付き合うべきか、 […]
  • A guest from Japan
    We had Ryoichi Yabuki visit our institute today. Ryoichi is a PhD student at The University of Tokyo, studying […]
  • 日本語版Twitterアカウント開始!
    日本語版の公式twitterアカウントを始めました! 突発的に思いつきで作ったのでまだなにもありませんが、これから研究の内容だったり植物と常在微生物の相互作用の話を簡単に一般向けにツイートしたり、海外での研究生活の日常風 […]
  • PMRN2022 is open for registration
    We have opened the registration for PMRN2022, an online symposium of the Plant Microbiota Research Network, ta […]
  • Visiting Dr. Silke Robatzek
    On June 20 and 21, we visited Dr Silke Robatzek at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) to discuss […]