RTNakano Lab


Root Microbiota Communications

We are interested in how plants communicate with the associated microbial community, the plant microbiota.

We employ plant and microbial genetics, multi-omics, and cell biology to address the molecular mechanisms by which root microbiota influence root growth-defence coordination.

Looking for students and postdocs!!

We are looking for students at any level who want to join our group. We have multi-disciplinary projects with many different perspectives, from basic science to agricultural applications, and we are more than eager to explore new projects at the frontier of plant-microbiota interactions. See here for more about our research!

We are also looking for postdocs to join our group! Although there is not available funded positions, we’d be happy to serve as your host for your fellowship, such as JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship etc.

First thing to do: just get in touch!

How to reach out??

Please just get in touch with me via email (see here) with a subject line starting with “ERMO:”, at any time at any moment. In the email, please describe why you want to join our group and attach your CV and transcripts. If you want to do your PhD with us, please also include a brief summary of your master’s thesis.

We’d be happy to have you here in our lab if you want to make a visit, or have a zoom chat to discuss further about our research activities or about your career plans.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch!!