RTNakano Lab


Root Microbiota Communications

We are interested in how plants communicate with the associated microbial community, the plant microbiota.

We employ plant and microbial genetics, multi-omics, and cell biology to address the molecular mechanisms by which root microbiota influence root growth-defence coordination.


  • PMRN2022 is open for registration
    We have opened the registration for PMRN2022, an online symposium of the Plant Microbiota Research Network, ta […]
  • Visiting Dr. Silke Robatzek
    On June 20 and 21, we visited Dr Silke Robatzek at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) to discuss […]
  • New website!
    We have launched a new website for our group! Still in construction, but more to come soon!