PMRN2023 Poster Guideline

PMRN2023でのポスター発表について,以下(”Procedures” – 英語のみ)のとおり詳細をお知らせいたします.十分に熟読いただいたうえ,ポスターのご用意・提出をお願いいたします.ポスターについて不明な点があればいつでも世話人(までお知らせください.よろしくお願いいたします.

We here announce the details about the PMRN2023 poster session (“Procedures”). Please have a close look at the following and prepare/submit your poster accordingly. Should you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us (

はじめに – First of all…


First of all:
The PMRN symposium is open to all nationalities (although the main oral session is in Japanese), and we typically have a non-neglectable number of participants whose primary language is not Japanese. Therefore, we set the primary language of the poster session to be English. We are not aiming to prohibit communications in Japanese, but we highly appreciate an open atmosphere where all participants can actively join the discussion beyond the linguistic and cultural differences. For instance, we request that all slides be prepared in English so the audience at least understands the content and can ask some questions, even if the presentation is in Japanese.


At a glance: Posters will be available online to all participants on the day of PMRN2023. Each presenter will have one hour in their own Zoom breakout room to discuss their study. The presentation format is similar to regular oral presentations, but please do not exceed 10 slides per presentation. Posters must be submitted two days before the symposium in PDF format.


  • The poster session will be in Zoom breakout rooms. We have two hours in total (one hour for odd numbers and one hour for even numbers).
  • Each presenter prepares slides (no more than 10 slides in total) as if they will give an oral presentation (normal 16:9 or 4:3 slides are recommended). Please make sure that your presentation is not overly long and secures time for the audience to look around at other posters within a limited time period.
  • Please submit your poster slides in PDF format by Aug 23 (Wed), 23:59, by email to
  • Please also submit your final version of your poster title in English, along with your poster slides.
  • Your posters will be made available to all participants online from 9:00 am, Aug 25, until the end of the symposium. Downloading and printing will be disabled by the function of the system.

Poster Awards

All posters will be nominated for the PMRN Poster Awards. The top 3 best posters based on the votes from all participants will be awarded at the end of the symposium. We would greatly appreciate your presence until the end of all sessions. The Awardees will have a chance to give a short talk at PMRN2024 – if they like. We will come back to you with more details when we start organizing PMRN2024 (likely March/April 2024).

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to prepare one big poster that explains everything (just like a normal A0 poster) AND some slides to explain the details?

The poster format is fully flexible, and there is no restriction. That being said, considering the situation when the audience explores your poster as a pre-uploaded PDF file and listens to your explanation in the Zoom breakout room, simply a normal slide-like format might be best suitable.

Please make sure that you do not have more than 10 pages in your PDF file; otherwise, it may cost too much time for the audience to explore all posters within the limited time period.